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I NEVER NOTICED THE SMILEY FACE LOL black widow natasha romanoff captain america
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Jon: I guess you’re not.

Seamus: I’ve seen ‘em. It took like an afternoon to watch all the episodes. (x)

seamus dever you just made my shit list jon huertas castle firefly
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good mornings start with tim hortons el goes places









Emma seeing Killian in new clothes



Can we talk about the fact that you CS guys used a gif of Emma looking at Regina to make that example? image


We MAKE those manips because we don’t like those CS/OQ kisses. But this is an unedited SQ scene. ;)

It’s really a simple concept. Those kisses(by which I mean any het kiss either lady has taken part in) are used for SQ gifs because those are the only ones to appear in universe. Period.

There are no lesbian kisses. There isn’t a scene with Regina seducing one of her female servants or Emma making out with a girl at a bar. There isn’t even a Mulan kiss to piggyback off of. There is no other source material. There might never be any other such material.

Het kisses might be all we ever get. Even if a character is confirmed by a writer as being in someway queer after the fact, doesn’t mean we’ll ever get a kiss. If we want kisses, we have to make them, and obviously that would mean using another kiss as a base or having an insane level of skill (especially if you have to manufacture one or make an animation).

But it is particularly of note, however, that a currently canon ship is using a moment that Emma had with a woman and not Hook/Killian. The caption is obviously meant to imply that she finds Killian’s new clothes to be hot and that this is her reacting to how hot he is and this is supposed to be her when she’s all turned on and whatnot.

But the thing is:

1. Since something is going on between them in canon now, couldn’t or shouldn’t you use one of those moments instead and

2. The use of this gif to signify her being all turned on in this moment actually validates Swen’s theory about Emma being hot for Regina at this time in the show and especially in the above scene and 

3. If you use a this scene instead of a canon moment between Hook/Killian and Emma, well…you get the idea

If you want just a reaction gif, you could use anything else. Anything at all. A real big smile that she’s giving to her family or something from the scene when she’s teasing him before the kiss in Neverland.

You really shouldn’t use a gif that rival shippers use to validate their pairing. They tend to find it funny.

OMG ouat
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this makes me so angry


this makes me so angry

LOL harry potter
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Lil Egyptian Gods by Silverfox5213


these are adorable

This artist makes really adorable stuff

art egyptian gods adorable
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Aunt Polly, 1x01

aunt polly Helen McCrory McCrory Monday
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good mornings start with tim hortons el goes places


Set 2/2

Helen McCrory being perfection in Tommy Cooper Not Like That Like This x

Helen McCrory McCrory Monday
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Hogwarts harry potter
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