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Miss World Traveller, and I have the plane tickets to prove it

Tatiana Maslany attends EW’s 2014 Women Who Kick Ass panel at SDCC [x]

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fact ladies actors are awesome tatiana maslany maisie williams katey sagal natalie dormer nicole beharie
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the special relationship Helen McCrory Michael Sheen hbo Blairs


BBCA Intruders Nerd HQ panel (2014)

The Elevator Story

Every floor, someone got on, like a robot and Chewbacca and then some aliens and eventually — and everybody was drunk and it was very late and I was thinking “am I gonna get away with this?”

john simm omg
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Favorite Muggleborns headcanons (1/?)

muggle born hogwarts harry potter
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Anonymous said: who's the black private dick who's a sex machine with all the chicks? shaaaaft! can ya dig it? they say this cat shaft's a bad motha- shut yo mouth, talkin bout shaft


YES x-files bad blood SHAAFT!
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I feel you, I get that, you are me, I am you

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the house of mirth good I'm not the only one that's seen this gillian anderson
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Harry Potter
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I have lost my Ned, the rock my life was built on.

GoT starks
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can we all just take a minute to imagine steve rogers’ face the first time he heard someone say “motherfucker” casually


This gets me every time

Thor’s pop-tart and Steve’s face omg

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BAHAHAHAHA avengers thor captain america
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And that’s how you cut to a wide shot.

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lol film great gatbsy
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